Where You From?

Being wit' my brother has kept me out of a lot of danger. Dudes would roll up on us and ask where we're from and stuff like that. I'd pick up my skateboard, getting ready for a fight. But my brother would be like, "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't hear you." When people realize he's deaf, they shift. They'll bless him instead. It's happened a lot, actually. When we first moved to LA from Calexico, we were chased down by some random dudes. They had a gun and everything. Me and my brother got separated and he ended up hiding on a roof all by himself. When I saw they were coming for him, I started waving and yelling, 'Leave him alone! He's deaf! He can't hear you!' Soon as they understood what I was saying, they tucked away the gun, hopped back in their vehicle and drove off.

American Boyfriend on Los Angeles.

Malika Ali