Penn Station

You prefer Afro-American, I know. You don’t like the word nigga, but it comes from Latin. Nigreos means black in Latin. I have no prejudice against black. I like you; you are very nice. You could be my child. I wish you were my child. You are American? I should have gone to America when I was young. Instead I came here. I am Russian. I was brain-washed against America. I would have had a better life there, I think. The Dutch are shit, hedonist. You know what this means? It means they live only for pleasure. Terrible, terrible people. Pirates. Traders. They would trade their own daughter into prostitution for money. They worship money. In America too, money is worshipped. I went to America once, New York. I was robbed at Pennsylvania Station. The guy who did it was Afro-American, just like you.

Russian Retiree in Amsterdam.

Malika Ali